Shock | 17 | Freshman | Major: Criminal Psychology | Dianne 201 | OPEN

Meet Shock, daddy’s little girl.  That is, if every little girl’s daddy was a drug dealing gambling addict.  Two years ago, tired of her overly religious mother trying to pray the devil out of her, Esther Colt ran away to live full time with her father.  When she put up a fight, she threatened to lie and say the woman beat her until she eventually relented and let her stay.  The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, though.  After learning her skill at deception was a boon to him, her father started pulling her in on drug deals, and when he drew short on a “real good hand” he put her on the table during a poker game and literally gambled her away. 

Don’t be fooled, though.  That isn’t the story of how she came to be, only how she came to be at Elias, guardianship taken over by her oldest brother until she turns eighteen in July after he saved her from their father and the men that ‘won’ her.  Already a liar, the extremes in her life and her upbringing, she is a sucker for a bit of chaos.  Morally precarious and a bit off kilter, adding in an IQ her crass demeanor wouldn’t imply, Shock is a force to be reckon off.  She’ll either be your crazy best friend or your worst enemy and the worst part is - you might  not know which one until its too late.

FC: Hanna Beth

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